Links to Author Interviews on Other Blogs

Interview (8/8/2016) with Susan Dworski Nusbaum on Cultured Vultures: “The ‘compression’ of poetry has always interested me. I have never been drawn to writing fiction or longer forms, although I read them a lot.”

Interview (5/23/2016) with Michael Landweber in Cultured Vultures: “Because I enjoyed writing fiction, I had assumed that any career that involved writing would suit me. But really the kind of writing I enjoyed was making up my own stories instead of trying to get someone else to tell me theirs.”

Interview with Michael Landweber about character development: “Before I know my main character, I have to meet the candidates. This is a little like mingling at a cocktail party in my brain. All these different possible characters are there vying for my attention. In real life I’m really bad at navigating social situations like this.”

Michael Landweber writes about the (More or Less But Probably Less True) autobiographical events that happened to him on Thursdays at 1:17 p.m.:
“Example 1: Thursday 1:17 p.m. – May 21, 1970: I’ve been alive for about five days and it dawns on me that I’m a baby. A totally useless baby…. Why have I been cursed with such a useless body and a meaningless life? The angst of it all overwhelms me. I do the one thing I know I’m good at. I cry, railing against the injustice of this cruel world. One of the big people with the useful hands picks me up and changes my diaper. That helps.”